Street foods from the Dominican Republic, Africa & Spain. The menu reflects Dominican ancestry by drawing on several culinary treasures picked up throughout the trans-Atlantic slave trade and by island natives. These cultural exchanges and culinary traditions resulted in Dominican cuisine, culture & pride.


Canoas: beef & cheese stuffed sweet plantains, $8.

Ceviche: shrimp, citrus, cilantro, jalapeno & sweet pepper, $10.

Pernil platter: slow roasted pork, yellow rice, sweet plantains, $12/$8.

Vegan platter: rice, beans, sweet plantains & salsa, $11/$7.

Maduros: sweet  fried plantains, $4.

Tostones: savory fried plantains, $4.

Add pork & salsa: $8.

Arroz (rice), $3.

Habicuelas (beans): $3.

Budin’: Dominican bread pudding, $5.

Morir Soñando (to die dreaming): creamsicle drink, $5