Features original art and crafts from traditional Mayan villages around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.


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The paintings depict daily life, landscapes, nature and birds, food, traditional ceremonies and cosmology and contemporary expressions that represent their Mayan way of life and culture. The artists are known for their distinctive style and their works have been exhibited in places such as the Smithsonian and galleries and shows internationally. The crafts include weaving and bead work for which the artisans are also famous and often incorporate designs and figures that are based on centuries old traditions. Both the art and the crafts are important ways the artists and artisans maintain and share their culture.



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Be sure to join us for a live virtual tour of our booth of Mayan art and Crafts! This is the best way to see the art and crafts first hand, and your chance to ask questions and find out more about the artist and what we do. Contact us at ikepes@aol.com or text/call at 413-687-8612 to set up a time.