Original work by Acoma, Zuni and Navajo artists from the southwestern United States. In fair trade partnership with Southwest Native Artist.


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Southwest Tribal Arts (SWTA) has developed over the last 2 years with the goal of bringing beautiful and authentic artwork, created by talented indigenous Southwest artists, to the Northeast through friendly, equitable trade relationships. We are delighted and honored to share with New England distinctive and highly prized Acoma pottery; highly sought after, intricate Zuni stone inlay jewelry and fine carved fetishes; and beautiful Navajo assembled jewelry, dream catchers, valued weavings and other arts and crafts. All of these artworks are purchase directly from the artists to foster their economic health, and preserve and enhance their cultural and artistic traditions.


Our vision is to support sustainable livelihoods with our Acoma, Zuni and Navajo artist families, and hopefully other indigenous artist, through enthusiastic, friendly, co-creative and fair-trade relationships.