The Vermont Abenaki Artists Association (VAAA) is a Native American arts organization that represents visual and performing artists, author, and scholars. VAAA will have an Abenaki cultural display, children’s activities, traditional art demonstrations, and art for sale.


Children’s Activities – ongoing all three days: triangle game make and take & coloring sheets.


Demonstrations – ongoing all three days:

Vera Longtoe Sheehan will be demonstrating  plant fiber weaving.

Aaron York will be demonstrating bark etching.


Items for Sale:

VAAA t-shirts (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Abenaki Music CDs by Bryan Blanchette (Friday)

Twined bags and baskets by Vera Longtoe Sheehan (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Photography by Diane Stevens (Saturday, and Sunday)

Jewelry by Chief Don Stevens (Saturday, and Sunday)


Abenaki Cultural Display – ongoing all three days:

Photos and objects from the traveling exhibit “Alnobak: Wearing our Heritage.”

“Wearing Our Heritage” explore how garments are made and worn for self-affirmation, to affirm connections with family, clan, band, and tribe, and to express identity within the geographical locale co-occupied with mainstream culture. We hope that this exhibition will encourage public engagement and understanding of some of the issues associated with Native identity and recognition, and evolving creative expression by members of a traditional culture.