With your help, we can build the Vermont Performing Arts League into a strong, flexible and fully-staffed organization that can help meet the cultural needs of everyone in our community.


North End Studios, the Vermont International Festival, FolKids of Vermont – these are just a few of the programs that the Vermont Performing Arts League is known for. Although VPAL is far from a household word, for 40 years we have been creating innovative ways to bring people together through the sharing of cultures. And in all this time we’ve never had an annual fund drive to ask for your support; we felt that by designing our programs to be as self-sufficient as possible and approaching foundations and corporations for funds to make up the difference, we’d be able to grow and thrive. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.


Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. The world has changed and our community has, too. We have discovered that our schools, municipalities, and ever-diversifying population have increasing needs that the Vermont Performing Arts League is uniquely qualified to meet, due to its mission and its years of experience.


Here are some examples of what we do every day:

  • Offer support to immigrant and refugee ethnic groups in their efforts to keep their identity and traditions alive in their new home
  • Create opportunities for people of different cultures to gather together and learn about each other while sharing a cultural experience
  • Present events showcasing the cultural richness of Vermont, from intimate local gatherings to large-scale annual events reaching all corners of the state
  • Provide a variety of venues at reasonable cost where groups can hold private and public events that have cultural or personal significance to the organizers

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With our sincere thanks,

April Werner, Executive Director

Ben Bergstein, Artistic Director

Vermont Performing Arts League