Featuring original art from  traditional Mayan villages of San Juan and San Pedro on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. These unique paintings depict coffee harvesting, markets, food and ceremonies that are an integral part of their life and culture. The artists are known for their distinctive style and their works have been exhibited in places such as the Smithsonian in Washington and galleries and shows internationally. This collection features both better and lesser known artists who paint to celebrate and preserve their culture and values rather than for personal recognition. They often learn their skills and styles from other artists and family members similar to the textile artists of their communities who have woven their history and culture into their fabrics for centuries.  


Our vision is to utilize this art as a means of connecting people across borders and cultures and to support local initiatives in the communities we work with. A portion of the proceeds of the sales assist an after school youth art program that serves youth of San Pedro from families who struggle with poverty and other issues.  We also hope to increase awareness of the economic, political, environmental and social issues that impact these indigenous communities and to foster an appreciation of their rich art and culture while helping to support the artists and local economy.