Locally handmade authentic Momos (Nepalese Dumplings) and handmade Momo Sauce (Himalayan style hot sauce) in Mild, Hot and Sesame flavor sauce.


Momos are Nepalese version of dumplings. They are thickly wrapped in flour dough with flavorful fillings of minced meats and vegetables served steamed or fried. It is a comfort food made during special gatherings for guests.


Momo sauce is Himalayan style hot sauce that can be enjoyed with momo (Nepalese dumpling), or on any other meals to add delicious, spicy taste. Our sauces are tomato based and ingredients that gives the Himalayan style spicy taste without overpowering the flavor. Our handmade Himalayan style hot sauce come in Mild, Hot and Sesame flavor sauce.


Beef/vegetable momos with momo sauce, $8.

Chicken curry with rice and momo sauce, $8.

Mango lassi, $2.